These are the Netherlands

These are the Netherlands
The Netherlands are a small country in Europe.
The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, but you'll find the government of the Netherlands in the Hague.

The Netherlands shares borders with Germany, Belgium and England.The Netherlands have twelve provinces:

  1. Groningen
  2. Friesland
  3. Drenthe
  4. Overijssel
  5. Flevoland
  6. Gelderland
  7. Utrecht
  8. Noord-Holland
  9. Zuid-Holland
  10. Zeeland
  11. Noord-Brabant
  12. Limburg

People in The Netherlands speak Dutch. Many people also speak English and German.

The Netherlands have no mountains. But there is much water. Very much water.

There are approximately 15 million people living in the Netherlands. Most of them live in the West of the country. There the cities are situated so close to each other that they're sometimes seen as one city, being named 'de Randstad' (the belt city).