A little baby

Ronald Hello Carla, how nice to see you.
Carla Hi Ronald. Long time no see.
Ronald How doyou feel, now that you've given birth?
Carla I'm doing fine. But I'm very glad that my son finally has been born. My belly had grown enormously the last couple of weeks! Do you want to take a look at the baby? He's sleeping in his little cradle.
Ronald Ah, he's so tiny.
Carla Yes, and it has everything it should have. Two little ears, a little nose and ten little fingers.
Ronald And ten little toes?
Carla Yes, those too. Go ahead and take a look.
Ronald I've read on the birth announcement card that you've given him two names.
Carla Yes, we've named him after his grandfather. His name was Arend Jan too. Granddad is very proud of his first grandson. 
Ronald Well, when I look at that little baby. He looks even a bit like his granddad.
Carla Do you think so?
Ronald Yes, he's also bold like that...