Good morning, this is the radio news service, provided by the ANP (general Dutch Press).

A group of young people demonstrated this morning against the plans of the secretary of Education to counteract the OV-card (Free public transport for students). A spokesman of the students declared that the students already have to little money. They won't be able to pay for public transport in addition to their daily expenses. A few parents joined the procession, because many students won't be able to come home in the weekends if the OV-card isn't valid anymore. This afternoon the secretary of Education will discuss this matter with a few students.

And now today's weather. It's a cloudy day today with a few cloudbursts every now and then. The temperature is about 19 degrees Celsius.

Traffic Jams are at the following roads. Because of an accident there is a traffic jam of 10 kilometers at the A2, in the direction of Utrecht. In the opposite direction there's a 5 kilometer jam because of spotters.

We wish you a pleasant day.