These are multiple choice tests and each one has ten questions. After each answer, your score is being calculated. If you’re score is above 80%, you could consider yourself more or less ready for the next level, but you should often repeat lower levels.

If a test is indicated to be with sounds, it means there are wave files – if you can’t play them, it’s useless to do that specific test.

If you would like a test on a specific item, method or chapter, please post your wishes in the Forum (choose Taalthuis General).

Using the menu in top frame, you can do:

General level tests
Choose On levels and methods to find out what they are about. The titles of the tests show the level by their first number, the second number shows the Taalthuis course lesson Test level 1-#01 is the first test for the first level, connected to lesson one of the Taalthuis course, Test level 1.02 is the second test for the first level, etcetera.



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