Answers “maar, eens and even”

Words like maar, eens andeven – Answers

I – What would you say in these situations?

  1. You want your dog to sit down:
    c – ga zitten
    d – zit
  2. You are inviting someone at the door to come in:
    a – kom maar binnen
    b – kom even binnen
    With a very friendly look on your face and witha very tender voice: e – kom binnen

II – Translate the words ‘maar’, ‘eens’ and ‘even’ in these sentences:

  1. maar=but
    (I want very much to come, but I can’t)
  2. eens=once, maar=but
    (that’s once, but never again)
  3. even=just, for a moment
    (he’s just/for a moment gone to the toilet)
  4. maar=just, eens=just
    (I’ll just go home)
  5. even=’just’
    (would you have a light for me?)
  6. eens=just
    (you should just go to see a doctor)

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